Shortcovers Now Offers Downloadable ePub eBooks


Best known as an Internet service where the eBooks reside primarily on their servers to be accessed via smartphone, Shortcovers is now joining conventional eBookstores in offering fully-downloadable ePub eBooks.

There hasn’t been any formal announcement of this, with it being called a “stealth feature” for the present time.

However, I can confirm that the ePubs use Adobe DRM and can also be copied onto a Sony Reader just like other Adobe DRMed ePub eBooks.

To quickly find them, search for “ePub” (no quotes). That returned fifty listings, but not all were ePubs. Look for the wee Adobe logo in the listing, as highlighted here in red:


Clicking on that wee Adobe logo brings up more information:
Click = big or see below

This is the information reproduced full size here:


Here it is explicitly in the single eBook listing:

Click = big

This might not seem like a big deal, but it is.

I know that Shortcovers is more open to small press publishers than, for example, the Sony eBook Store. One of the upcoming eBooks you will find on Shortcovers — and nowhere else — is Twisthorn Bellow from Atomic Fez Publishing.


It’s this kind of thing that will give Shortcovers a huge advantage over its competitors. This is great for writers as well as readers.

One Response to Shortcovers Now Offers Downloadable ePub eBooks

  1. Thank you for the link. The three recently announced titles being published the same day as this one will also be made available through Shortcovers, just as soon as each of the texts are finalised with the authors.

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