Sexy Readers Make Reading Sexy?

An American Booksellers Association Omnibus post linked to a Huffington Press post which said:

The book industry needs to make the act of reading sexy and hip, enviable and sought-after. … TV and movies need to show sexy readers, much like they showed sexy smokers back in the day.

Would she think these ladies are sexy? —


They read. In a series. But the series isn’t on TV. It’s Novel Adventures.


Lizzie, Laura, Joanna, and Amy are decidedly uninterested in the pretentious book club they belong to, but they enjoy the time away from their families. Determined to take their ‘us’-time and enjoy it, they decide to use the books as inspiration. It’s great to read about amazing lives, but these girls are ready to live them.

And so, the four women start a new kind of book club, picking a “novel adventure” for each book. Each meeting is an opportunity for discovery, freedom, and fun. The adventure is just the beginning.

It’s light on the book reading, heavy on the product placement. But hey, at least there are books!

2 Responses to Sexy Readers Make Reading Sexy?

  1. kittent says:

    To see this web series, go to

    Thanks for the heads up…this is going in the queue with The Guild and Imaginary Bitches…looks like fun.

  2. mikecane says:

    OMG. I cannot believe I left out the link and that I didn’t realize that until I saw your Comment. Thanks.

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