Quartet Press: Stillborn


I’d been looking forward to Quartet Press getting going.

A group of dedicated people who loved books, were tech-savvy, and were going to show how eBooks should be done.

Then came a bad news tweet today — before they even had a chance to start, the venture was dead!

Here is the sad blog post announcement.

I don’t know what to make of this.

Even if I knew the details behind it, I’m still not sure I’d know what to make of this.

I’m putting this under eBook Bubble because even though they weren’t part of it (shysters looking to pick up Sucker Money), chronologically they became part of that.

7 Responses to Quartet Press: Stillborn

  1. Hmm, that’s a big shame. From what Angela James was saying, she was really excited about this. I wonder what happened?

  2. mikecane says:

    Even if we knew, I don’t think we’d really know.

  3. Greg says:

    I wish all of the individuals the best.

    There is always a grand opportunity awaiting us when we change paths.

  4. […] hype surrounding eBooks has hit an unwarranted level of “irrational exuberance”: the premature demise of Quartet Books, and Tor.com’s announcement of a POD-based […]

  5. […] a business in the open like they did requires strength and grace. Two, I am not sure this points to anything definitive about the ebook market. I risk saying — although I have no inside information — that it has nothing to do with […]

  6. mark B says:


    An ebook bubble? Hmmm. I am not sure I get the connection. Do you mean Quartet wouldn’t have happened unless everybody was super hyped about ebooks? I suppose. The closure still sucks.


  7. mikecane says:

    @Mark B You needed to read all the eBook Bubble posts:

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