iPod Touch II On September 9, 2009

The two tablet rumors make absolute sense to me.

1) Six-inch screen Tablet that is based on the iPhone OS

2) Ten-inch screen Tablet that is based on Mac OS X

I believe we will see the first next month. It will have an iPod branding. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had a rather plain name like the iPod Touch II. “Now Double the Fun.”

Why do I see this happening next month?

Because of Cocktail.

If Apple wants to replicate the fun of album covers and liner notes, they’re not going to settle for having people look at that on a wee three-inch screen. People would react with So what? and Why do I need that?

So I’m certain a bigger screen is in order for that.

Plus, it will be an iPod, not a Mac.

This distinction is crucial. It means none of us can look forward to it being a productivity device. It will be an extension of the iPhone and iPod Touch continuum — which emphasizes fun and leisure.

In short: no Bluetooth keyboard for it. Give up that notion right now.

And eBooks? I don’t see Apple giving Adobe money for its ePub DRM scheme. People will have to rely on Stanza for DRMed ePub.

I still believe that Steve Jobs has nothing but utter contempt for ePub — as well he should! — and so should everyone! — so if Apple is going to do eBooks, it will be via the Cocktail platform.

Yes, I do believe that Apple will get into digital books. Steve Jobs can’t help but to look around and see how absolutely pathetic his so-called competitors in the field are. It’s wide open for Apple to take. And it doesn’t require a full-blown Mac OS X notebook for that. An iPod Touch II would do just fine.

A Tablet based on Mac OS X will most likely appear next year, probably in Spring or Fall. There is no compelling reason to rush something as important as that. We’ve all seen what rushing a tablet to market did for Microsoft’s failed Tablet PC plans.

Apple will be making money hand over fist with an iPod Touch II in the meantime. And learning a lot in the process too, which it can incorporate into a Mac OS X tablet.

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