Free eGalley: Footnotes To Life

Footnotes to Life by Dr. Frank Crane

I was reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill for the fourth(?) time and was curious about this “Dr. Frank Crane” he quoted.

The Internet Archive had several of his books, which had fallen into the public domain.

I decided to grab one of them and clean up the Google Books OCR so I could format it for reading.

I then decided to upload the cleanup result to Smashwords so that no one else would have to endure the process I went through.

Unfortunately, the Smashwords TOS prohibits public domain texts and Mark Coker gave me good reasons in email why.

So, this alternate method. Hosting space has been generously provided by the indefatigable Moriah Jovan, the Wizardress of “eBooks.”

There are two versions available:

1 – MobiPocket (so I can read it myself on my LifeDrive)

2 – ePub (for those with rotten eInk displays)

This is not a finished “eBook,” and is more of an e-galley, just for reading.

I’ve deleted the Table of Contents because it was very long. Some people might read this on an eInk screen and paging through all that would be a torment.

I’ve moved the Google OCR frontmatter for that same reason. It is now at the end.

Link to the file directory.

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