4 Responses to Smart eBook Metadata Notes #1

  1. Moriah Jovan says:

    Since not all metadata is included — and really can't all be included, ever — the book remains open-ended, living, and a portal to further, growing, and dynamic information. The value of the book actually increases over the course of its ownership.

    In lit courses, I can see assignments given out to extract/parse/create new metadata from each student's reading experience and adding his/her name to the metadata.

    Mmmm, reader-experience-as-metadata.

  2. graywave says:

    This is all fine but has two drawbacks for fiction.

    1. I write novels. In doing so I generate a lot of metadata but I don't want to include it in the book – for aesthetic reasons and because it would be tedious. As for the semantic web, life is way too short to structure a novel like that! If third parties want to add value, or this could be crowdsourced, as you suggest, fine, but

    2. Fiction with separable metadata always seems really crappy to me. Like those post-modern novels that are 25% footnotes. Yeuk. Mostly, you read the metadata and think 'so what?' The reason being that, if the information is integral to the enjoyment of the novel, the author has already included it in the text.

  3. Mike Cane says:

    >>>This is all fine but has two drawbacks for fiction.

    Including metadata would be a function of the publisher (which is now why most self-publishing is doomed to FAIL).

    You also need to broaden your view of metadata and seriously consider how it would enhance the value of your book.

  4. Matthew B. Richards says:

    It almost sounds like what you're saying is that the "book" format as we know it is evolving into an entirely different and semantic web medium, which sounds somewhat plausible.

    Although take into consideration that ultimately it's human beings and our biological interface — not technology that limits what's possible with any given medium.

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