The State of eBookdom

Architect Henry Cameron:

“There will be days when you’ll stand in the corner of a hall and listen to a creature on a platform talking about buildings, about that work which you love, and the things he’ll say will make you wait for somebody to rise and crack him open between two thumbnails; and then you’ll hear the people applauding him, and you’ll want to scream, because you won’t know whether they’re real or you are, whether you’re in a room full of gored skulls, or whether someone has just emptied your own head, and you’ll say nothing, because the sounds you could make–they’re not a language in that room any longer; but if you’d want to speak, you won’t anyway, because you’ll be brushed aside, you who have nothing to tell them about buildings!”

— Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Oh many days I want to rise up and crack someone open between my two thumbnails!

And more days and many more someones up ahead too.

One Response to The State of eBookdom

  1. Moriah Jovan says:

    I'm too busy doing my own thing to rise up, but yeah, I get that sick feeling in my stomach when I see utter bullshit bought and published.

    Maybe it was…you know…visa-vi…too quiet.

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