eBook Notes For May 13, 2009

May 13, 2009

Three major items.

First Item: BeBook announced via Twitter that the next iteration of its eInk BeBook device — the BeBook 2 — will contain worldwide 3G capability. In addition, wireless access to eBook buying is currently functional prior to release. And over 190 stores in The Netherlands, including two large chain stores, will stock and promote the BeBook.

BeBook (first version)

Second Item: Amazon has awakened and it’s not happy news for any writer. Amazon announced its Encore program. This is basically a whole new way to screw publishers (by excluding them), writers (by impoverishing them), and printers (by not using them) — all to the benefit of Amazon itself. Amazon has finally figured out what I’ve been waiting for Apple to do: cut out publishers altogether. But unlike Apple, Amazon will be doing it by screwing writers.

Third item: ePubCatalog is active. I see this as a baby step towards the Universal eBook Catalog I called for earlier. This can be successful only if we all cooperate and help fill it up. Go to it, read the instructions, and get a Twitter account if you don’t already have one.

Of less importance, two items regarding Sony:

1) Sony is still delusional. Here’s the latest revelation. Expect more to follow!

2) Sony thinks we’ll accept advertising in electronic periodicals, such as newspapers and magazines. I’ve got news for Sony. Advertising in electronic media = free! There’s no paper and no union drivers whose salaries I have to cover as with a print publication, so there’s just no way I’ll pay for an e-newspaper or e-magazine. Good luck with that, Sony. You can join Murdoch in the corner, mumbling WTF? to one another, clueless to your respective FAILs.