Steve Haber Of Sony Nails It: Print Is Dead!

May 9, 2009

Can E-book Readers Like the Sony Reader Dominate the Industry in 10 Years?

When I headed Sony’s U.S. digital-imaging division, people said, ‘I don’t like digital. I like the warmth of film.’ And then we continued to improve the product. Now Americans buy 40 million digital cameras each year.

Emphasis added by me.

Hey, raise your hand, all you people who are using film cameras. Show me those Instamatics, Advantix, and Polaroids.

Thought so.

When we introduced our Reader, the biggest resistance I heard was, ‘I like the smell of books, and I like the smell of paper. I can’t go digital.’ That was the confirmation for me that this change will happen. If the smell of paper is the biggest push back, then we’re good to go.”

Emphasis added by me.

This should be your wake-up call.