"Small Places" Catch Up On This Twitter Novel

Writer Nick Belardes has published all the tweets that so far comprise his ongoing Twitter novel, Small Places.

Twitter Novel In The Twitterverse: Read The First 358 Tweets Of ‘Small Places’

I’m beginning to think that a Twitter novel is a new animal. I don’t mean the brevity (Ken Bruen has haiku-like writing in most of his books!). It’s the streaming delivery.

There I was enjoying several Small Places tweets. The character Milt was about to write something important on the whiteboard. I was all worked up to see what this revelation was going to be. And then the next tweet cut away from that to other characters! I’ve never experienced that sort of movie-like suspense with novels. Novels are more like a continual experience, whereas a Twitter novel is like a movie: cut-cut-cut.

Right now, the gold standard of Twitter novels is Small Places.

This is your chance to get up to speed. Go read!

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