Gigabyte Touchnote: Moriah’s Next eBook Device?

Poor Moriah Jovan.

She is hooked on her eBookwise antique:

But lately she’s been agitating for a machine that was actually born in this century.

And she thinks that machine will be an Asus EeePC.

The silly lass.

No, Moriah. You can’t haz.

Instead, look at this:

That’s a PDF in portrait mode on a ten-inch backlit color screen.

And it’s a netbook too. It’s the Gigabyte Touchnote T1028M 10” Touchscreen Netbook.

It has one of those screens that twist and flip over to become a tablet. It does landscape and, as shown, portrait.

If you have to get a frikkin clunky-ass netbook for your next eBook device, get that one.

Here I am bugging Chippy to demo a PDF on it for me:

Click = big

The PDF he chose was formatted to display two pages on one sheet, so that’s why you’re not seeing the edge-to-edgeness of a one-sheet PDF.

But still.

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