Ah, Gorgeous LIT!

Writer and eBook wiz Moriah Jovan did a multi-format eBook for someone.

The first version of it I happened to see in the old — and just about now-obsolete — Microsoft LIT format.

It’s just absolutely gorgeous!

I hadn’t looked at anything in MS Reader for ages.

On the other hand, I’ve spent several weeks of consecutive days looking at my The People of the Abyss alpha eBook in Adobe Digital Editions.

So the contrast between these two was shocking.

First, MS Reader on the PC opens in a book-size window. And, as you can see above, it looks like a page from a book.

Contrast it to Adobe Digital Editions, which even after filling the screen, presents a glob of text that never, ever feels or resembles a book page.

Second, even the way MS Reader handles quotation marks is beautiful. They’re tucked in with the precision of printed typesetting.

The first eBook I ever read was in MS Reader on a now-dead Toshiba GENIO Pocket PC (it had a great four-inch screen, huge at the time).

The GENIO is dead. So is the LIT format.

Given what eBooks look like recently, it might be a shame that LIT is dead.

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