February 23, 2009

I got pissed off at my Twitter Followers and punished them with two days of silence, followed by two more days of silence.

A funny thing happened.

I liked being away from Twitter!

I wasn’t away from all of it. I’ve been doing a new blog dedicated to the upcoming Palm Pre smartphone and stayed on that Twitter account.

My @mikecane Twitter account is primarily for eBooks, writing, books, and that sort of thing — with sprinklings of miscellaneous tech and Doom.

What I discovered, thinking about why I didn’t miss that Twitter account, is that I’ve come to entirely despise the entire eBook landscape.

Traditional print publishers are being even more intransigent than the RIAA. They clutch their pearls as the ship shinks and the water level begins to rise above their necks. There’s only so much you can do with such helpless idiots. I’ve yelled myself hoarse. I’ve been one in a long line of people yelling themselves hoarse. The yelling continues to this very day.

I’ve had enough of that aggravation.

I’m bowing out of it all until it’s all sorted out.

They basically have two choices: Change Fast or Drop Dead.

Either one is fine with me.