When Will Sony Wake Up?

February 9, 2009

Today saw the introduction of the abominable Kindle 2.

No ePub. And no SD card slot!

Yet the Twittersphere was in orgasms with tweet after tweet mentioning immediate pre-ordering.

And then there was this ignominious tweet:

Yeah, how about that, Sony?

It was waaaay back on November 15th that I blogged about the Sony Publisher Portal.

I recommended that to several small press print publishers.

Not a single one of them has heard back from Sony.

What’s up with that, Sony?

While eager small presses — not to mention direct-publishing writers — wait for your train to enter the station, you lot are diddling around with fake mannequins to introduce the VAIO P flawed non-netbook netbook. A move that is eerily reminiscent of the decadent and degrading “human statues” seen in a lavish and inappropriate party in the documentary classic, Roger & Me.

Sony is bleeding out due to the economy, with massive budget cuts and layoffs.

Is the lack of response to applicants of the Publisher Portal indicative of Sony yet again pulling out of a market? The shadows of Betamax, digital audio tape, and the Sony CLIE still haunts.