Stanza: Over One Million Downloads!

Interview with Lexcycle cofounder Neelan Choksi

Think about how staggering that is.

There has never before been any eBook hardware or software to even approach one million — yet Stanza has passed that.

1) Can you imagine the eBooks sales that would generate if all eBooks were standardized on ePub as well as being DRM-free?

2) Can you imagine how absolutely gigantic this will get when the iPod Air/iPod Touchbook is released in late 2009?

The dying dinosaurs of print had better wake up to this ASAP.

Barnes & Noble, Borders? You guys will look like this in 2010.

2 Responses to Stanza: Over One Million Downloads!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Palm sold at least 10 million PDAs/Treos with Ereader installed.

  2. Mike Cane says:

    My LifeDrive did not come with eReader preinstalled.

    But now you make me wonder if eReader was ever on the CDs that came with their PDAs. Been so long, I can’t recall!

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