Buying eBooks Via Stanza-Fictionwise

Buying an ebook from the Stanza-Fictionwise store

I while ago I wanted to read Nam Le’s, ‘The Boat’. It’s currently only available in trade hardback. I haven’t bought a hardback for ages. I don’t like carrying them around and they are comparatively expensive. Anyway, I wanted an ebook version.

At the moment there aren’t that many options, the Kindle is only available in the US and frankly I’m not sure I’d want one. I do, however, have an iPod Touch which makes my commute into and out of London almost fun. It has music, video, games, ebooks and I even write on it.

Then I discovered that Fictionwise stocked ‘The Boat’ and their catalogue was being made available on my favourite iPod Touch ereader – Stanza.

This post is about my experience buying though the Stanza-Fictionwise store directly within the Stanza app itself.

It’s a detailed step-by-step with screensnaps.

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