Awaiting Today’s CES News!

There’s at least one big announcement due today, possibly two.

The first …

… is Palm introducing its still-unnamed new operating system, formerly known under the code-name of Nova.

To remind everyone, it was the original Palm Pilot that gave birth to mass-market eBooks, with the creation of Fictionwise and the original Peanut Press (now eReader, and owned by Fictionwise).

I’m hoping this new OS will be the “breakthrough level of innovation” Ed Colligan has claimed it will be.

I want to see Palm succeed again. I want this new OS to inspire Stanza to port to it and allow ePub eBooks to be read on it.

The second news is possibly from ECTACO. I’m hoping for word of a WiFi-enabled jetBook and a demonstration of its upcoming upgrade that will support both MobiPocket and ePub books.

A WiFi-enabled jetBook would be serious competition to the Sony Reader. Remember, the jetBook uses a non-backlight LCD screen. This would provide superior web access than an eInk screen.


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