Sony Reader In Two Blog Posts

Comment: Sony Reader PRS-505 UK Edition

Overall, I’m really impressed with the experience of reading ebooks on the Sony Reader 505. I am not a fan of reading on my computer, I’ve warmed to using Stanza on my iPhone but the Reader has been the most comfortable. I’ve read two books on it already and eager to start the next one.

Who Else Got A Sony Reader From Santa?

If you didn’t get a Sony Reader or Amazon Kindle from Santa this year, then I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, or Boogeyman brings you one soon!

He got the lust-cramp-inducing Red one. And he did a video too!

2 Responses to Sony Reader In Two Blog Posts

  1. Simon Stapleton says:

    Hi Mike! This is Simon – the guy who made the video you’ve shared. The Sony Reader is fantastic! It works so well and is so light I can take it anywhere. I hope more books come out now that Sony have opened the market up! Thanks for sharing my video.


  2. Berta says:

    I got one! I promptly went on a buying spree. A while back Tor Books did a big digital giveaway, so I have those books, plus others. Best of all, I uploaded the two books I’m working on, so no more lugging around half a tree’s worth of paper. I’m in love.

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