More Luv For Sony Reader

January 6, 2009

Sony Reader: I Like it!

Go see! He has a great pic of the Light Wedge cover that people wonder about. Click on it to enlarge!

eCub ePub Screensnap

January 6, 2009

This is test build #16 open in Adobe Digital Editions.

Oh, ignore the fact it’s crap. This is still all the Learning Curve.

Stuff none of you will have to go through, once I’ve done it.

Because I intend to do three blog posts:

1) My misadventures
2) A full-blown tutorial
3) A checklist

You lot will be spitting out your own ePub and waving buh-bye to that crap, PDF.


Sony Reader In Two Blog Posts

January 6, 2009

Comment: Sony Reader PRS-505 UK Edition

Overall, I’m really impressed with the experience of reading ebooks on the Sony Reader 505. I am not a fan of reading on my computer, I’ve warmed to using Stanza on my iPhone but the Reader has been the most comfortable. I’ve read two books on it already and eager to start the next one.

Who Else Got A Sony Reader From Santa?

If you didn’t get a Sony Reader or Amazon Kindle from Santa this year, then I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, or Boogeyman brings you one soon!

He got the lust-cramp-inducing Red one. And he did a video too!