eSlick eBook Reader: GTFOH! Srsly!

Via Twitter from booksin140:

ESlick E-Book Reader Cheapest, Ugliest Yet

From the Specifications page:

eBook Formats: PDF, TXT, Any printable document(after converted to PDF using included software)

I have one primary question: Why are you bringing this piece of shit to market?

PDF and TXT?

Are you all out of your fucking minds?

Why are you going to add to the existing confusion about eBook file formats by releasing something that can read none of them?

What greed-infected jackass at your company thought this shit was a good idea?

What, you got wind that “eBooks are the New New Thing” and decided to pickpocket a few pennies from suckers wandering down that garden path?

Do you really think there aren’t people out here in Blogland who can’t see this shit for what it is — and won’t call it the shit that it is?

Well, surprise! This is your lucky day. You’ve just run into the one person in Blogland who will call it the shit that it is!

This is an embarrassment.

No, really. It is. You look like a pack of doofuses.

Call it a mistake. Claim you all had a collective aneurysm and this somehow got loose onto the Internets because someone hit Send instead of dialing 911 for an ambulance.


Just get rid of it.

It’s not good for one fucking thing, no matter what the price.

And that slugline? “Save money to buy more e-books”? — to what? Read on a Sony Reader? Your piece of shit can’t read eBooks!

Here’s a more honest slugline: “Save your money for a Sony Reader.”


2 Responses to eSlick eBook Reader: GTFOH! Srsly!

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is not a piece of shit, that's the only ebook that reads PDF correctly. All others have bunch of fancy useless things, read formats I've never seen on the net and that I dunno how to produce. The eslick is simply the only ereader that reads correctly the only ebook format that everybody knows:PDF. If you want something that reads these new ebook formats with drm… indeed, eslick will be useless. For info anybody who has the sony ereader is disapointed because, like all other ereaders (except eslick), it reads pdf like shit!

  2. Anonymous says:

    eSlick reader is great! I have tried it out. Sony Reader is so much slower.
    Besides Foxit CEO Eugene Xiong said, that in future will be more formats supported.
    So don't worry about the gadget.

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