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November 11, 2008


Ultrapedia blog

I don’t know what this is. It allegedly has free downloadable eBooks, but my one search turned up a series of scanned pages from a printed book, not an entire book.

The interface is the worst: Just a search box. Search for what?! Give me a list of Authors so I can browse.

Dying Dinosaurs Of Print: No Pity From Me!

November 11, 2008

C[r]ash Flow (Or What Went Wrong in October in Book Publishing)

In October, bookstores returned so many books that most publishing companies had more coming into them than going out of them. For some companies, the incoming number was more than several months’ outgoing.

Although bookstores are suffering (and how), it was the publishing houses that had to absorb the cost of this cash flow creator. This is why Impetus, a relatively new indie company without the history to survive this shock, folded. Some houses lost so much money in returns in October that profits from the entire rest of 2008 have been negated. Can you imagine? Losing enough in a month to destroy your entire year?

Emphasis added by me.

This is still an industry with its head so far up its ass it’s within kissing distance of its appendix!

A later post, varying perspective, offers some suggestions for “improving” the industry.

eBooks are not mentioned at all!

So don’t come crying to me while you’re holding onto a business model in which your outlets can wipe out your year-to-date profits in one month by returning goods they never even made an effort to sell!

eBooks have no returns, goddammit.

eBooks liberate publishers from the duopoly of Barnes & Noble and Borders.

eBooks are the future.

Do I see any of these dying dinosaurs of print trumpeting an eBook-only “imprint”? Do I see any of them really making an eBook push? Do I see any of them embracing eBooks in real creative ways? Do I see any of them going to their blockbuster writers and telling them they want to do an eBook exclusive for six months before going into paper print, to really encourage their fans to move to eBooks?

No no no no.

The automotive industry has refused to change and is nearing the point of its own extinction.

Book publishing is apparently hellbent on zooming down that same road.

Be sure to enjoy the view as you all plummet over that cliff, baby!

Free eBook: Ultra Mobile Computing Buyers Guide

November 11, 2008

Free PDF Report. Ultra Mobile Computing Buyers Guide.

To all the websites, companies and visitors that I’ve learned so much from in the last few years, here’s something back. The 5-part, 11,000 word, 28-page Ultra Mobile Computing Buyers Guide as a single re-flowable PDF file.

Steve Paine — aka Chippy — is the expert on this sort of thing. He’s molested more portable devices than I have ever seen in person.

This is the guide to have if you’re looking to buy something portable.

Note: Right-click Save As… didn’t work for me. I just clicked, it opened in Adobe Reader, and I saved it to disk.

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Where’s The Next Free Charlie Huston eBook?

November 11, 2008

Free eBook By Charlie Huston!

It’s well into November already. This one is supposed to be a free PDF:

But there’s no sign of it as of today.

Sony Reader: 505 Versus 700 Screen

November 11, 2008

Over at MobileRead, people are getting the Sony Reader PRS-700 they’ve ordered.

There are some pictures up.

Look at this one.

You decide.

Update: Another picture, very close.