Sony Reader PRS-700: Screen Issues?

November 3, 2008

Suddenly I’m getting a bunch of traffic from a MobileRead forum. (A forum in which, ironically, I can’t see two posted photos people have asked me about!)

There’s a debate going on over there about the quality of the screen of the new Sony Reader PRS-700.

I was asked about this in a Comment:

Did you notice, during your testing of the unit, if the screen of the PRS-700 is considerably dimmer than the screen of the previous model, the PRS-505? Apparently the text is not as sharp.

I replied:

Sony’s debut of the 700 was in a room with dim lighting (I hate when tech companies do that, by the way!), so the backlight was on all the time.

I suspected myself there would be an issue with the new screen because of the *touchscreen layer and sidelights*. The screen has to be recessed, unlike prior models, to accommodate both touchscreen and sidelights. Both of these could account for some dimness.

I’m not able to see the pictures referred to. All I see are IMG tags for the side-by-side photos. And I haven’t been to SonyStyle yet to check it out again in person under better lighting conditions.

I have no further thoughts on this issue. I still haven’t seen one in person again under better lighting conditions.

One thing I must clear up is this:

What puzzles me, though, is that NONE of the reviewers I’ve read, mention this issue.

— which then links to Sony Reader PRS-700: Part Two.

WTF? Where are any of my three posts labeled “Review”?! Those posts are coverage of the launch event with descriptions of what I observed of the new PRS-700.

For the record, I do not do reviews. I don’t even review books I read.

All clear? Good. Now proceed to a SonyStyle store to see for yourself. You’re bound to get to one before I do.