Writer M.J. Rose On Free eBooks

Why Is My Book Free?

It’s because trying something for free is the best way of discovering it. And free doesn’t mean sampling a quarter of a cookie – it means the whole cookie. It doesn’t mean someone spraying my wrist with perfume – it means them putting a small bottle of the fragrance in my shopping bag. It means spending a weekend in a hotel and taking two showers using the same soap. It doesn’t mean reading the first five pages of my book online – it means reading my whole book for free as a way of discovering me as an author.

I agree with the sentiment. Just not the method.

This guy got screwed:

What a colossal ripoff.

I went to the site, clicked the link, and I was required to give a lot of personal information (which I did). When I finally clicked the “download PDF” link, (after entering the free code) there was no PDF, only a 1 k file called “ebx.etd”. NO PDF, NO BOOK.

So basically I just wasted a lot of time and gave away my personal information to your publishing company… FOR NOTHING.

Glad I didn’t.

2 Responses to Writer M.J. Rose On Free eBooks

  1. Karen in TN says:

    .etd is an Adobe Digital Editions PDF file – he needs to upgrade his adobe reader software. Or just grab the mobi edition (have to enter your PID, just like most publishers; you can have up to three or strip the DRM off later) or even the LIT version (if that is your preference).

    True – it isn’t a non-DRM version. But it is free and you get to keep it (unlike Neverwhere and some others that have come out for online reading only or expiring Adobe Digital Editions – really, 30 days is ridiculous if we are forced to read it on our computers, especially for a book of that length).

  2. Mike Cane says:

    Thanks for the clarification.

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