Sony’s Reader Revolution: YouTube Channel

Oh yeah, there’s a YouTube channel.

Not very good distribution of this information by Sony! The video views have not been high. Perhaps this post will help.

Joined: September 22, 2008
Last Sign In: 1 hour ago
Videos Watched: 69
Subscribers: 8
Channel Views: 973

My name is Dave and I’ve teamed up with Sony to help promote literacy. Starting October 1st, I’ll be living in a 2’9″ x 17’2″ storefront night and day – for 30 days.

During that time, I’ll read as many books as I possibly can on the Sony Reader Digital Book. For every page turned Sony will provide an eBook classics library to a school.

I guess you could say it’s ironic that they chose me. I grew up with Attention Deficit Disorder and Dyslexia, but somehow along the way I built a name for myself as both a speed reader and a memory wiz. I notched my second world record for memory by memorizing 59 decks of playing cards, recalling them one card at a time, over a period of 8 hours.

Check back here in the coming days since my team will be updating this site with videos and information.

Here he is at Day fifteen(!) — the mid-point of the campaign.

Day 15: Reader Revolution

Hmmm … I better start planning what day I want to sit in the window for one of his breaks.

Yes, I will reveal my physical incarnation to the Internets!!

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