Sony Reader: Gear Diary Nano-Fondle

October 14, 2008

Gear Diary‘s Wayne Schulz (who clearly never sleeps and seems quantum-like in his ability to be in more than one place at once!) recently got to the SonyStyle Store and took on the new Sony Reader PRS-700:

My 43 seconds with Sony’s PRS-700 eBook Reader

It’s a short report and I won’t spoil it by quoting. He also has two lust-o-licious photos.

I must get to SonyStyle soon. They have those nifty actual-size brochures for it! I need one hundred to complete my collection of the series.

Wil Wheaton: No DRM For You!

October 14, 2008

why i won’t ever infect anything you buy from me with drm

I’m not that worried about piracy, to be completely honest with you. I agree with Cory Doctorow that obscurity is a greater threat to an artist than piracy, but I also trust my customers more than the average publisher, because I believe I have a different relationship with them (you) than the average publisher has with, say, me. Maybe this is a little naive, but hear me out.

I’m in a unique position among creators. I feel like we (meaning me and you who are reading this) share a relationship that most creators don’t get to share with their audience. I mean, I can read a Stephen King book and enjoy it, but I have no real expectation (reasonable, anyway) of ever meeting him or exchanging ideas with him. I can watch How I Met Your Mother every week, but it’s incredibly unlikely I’ll ever get to talk with Neil Patrick Harris about how awesome Barney is. Because I feel a more personal relationship with all of you who’ve supported me by buying my books and watching my work on television, I don’t worry that much about piracy. I don’t believe that anyone who reads my blog and is interested in hearing me perform my work would deliberately steal from me any more than they’d walk into a friend’s house and take money out of their wallet.

Go read the rest!

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