Sony Reader: UK Ad Blitz

I had to go to the UK Times and this caught my eye off to the right side of the front page:

(Composite; I added the Times Online logo)

They’ve got a big ad-article over there: Sony Reader: A library at your fingertips

This is a bit dicey, I think:

For those who feel that a mobile library of 160 books may not be enough, the built-in MemoryStick DUO and SD Card slots can be used to increase the Reader’s capacity to around 13,000 titles.

Emphasis added by me.

Hey, Sony, how about a YouTube video proving that statement?

I’ve already had to caution against the hopes of someone in the Comments who wanted to drop twelve-thousand Gutenberg texts into a Sony Reader!

I don’t believe the Sony Reader can easily handle 12,000-13,000 eBooks. That’s not to disparage it (I don’t think an iPhone could do it, either; and on my XPed desktop, the 1.8GHz Celeron chokes on the My Pictures folder I have), just to set realistic limits.

Other than that minor skepticism, I’m gratified to see Sony doing some Net-visible advertising.

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