Sony Reader: Two Videos

Update: As of October 11, 2008, the videos seem to have been taken down. I have no idea why. I will, however, keep the screensnap. And if I find other videos, I will update this post with a link to the new post.

Update 2: New post with a video.

I found these by searching Twitter.

Both are the excellent handiwork of Jakub Kanczugowski.

This first one in quick clippage does a tour of many features of the new PRS-700:

Vimeo embed code deleted.

This second one shows the unveiling of the Reader Revolution campaign here in New York City at DataVision, with some rare behind-the-scenes footage:

Vimeo embed code deleted.

I’ve grabbed this screensnap from the second vid:

This is Jim Malcolm, Sony’s Director of Corporate Marketing for Mobile Lifestyle Products. The Reader Revolution campaign is his baby. Well done, Jim!

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