New Sony Reader: PRS-700

I’m at the Apple mothership store on 57th Street freeloading on a MacBook (white).

Just got here from the Sony Reader announcement tonight.

I don’t have any tech details, so these are just brief notes until tomorrow when I recall all I heard and do a brain dump.

New Sony Reader. The PRS-700.

Let’s get one rumor out of the way: No wireless. No, not even WiFi.

Also — and dammit, I forgot to ask about this, despite making a note — no Mac OS X eLibrary software.

So what do we have?

1) A $100 price increase, from $299 to $399

2) Fewer buttons (!)

3) Touchscreen! Yes, touchscreen! Can use your finger or — get this — a built-in stylus (the best stylus Sony has ever made!)

4) Sidelighting for the eInk screen (four stagelights on both right and left)

5) Seriously-revised Reader software that adds many features, among which are Search(!) and — here it is for you addicts — the ability to make Notes!

6) Like the Model T — one color: Black (break my heart for no red!)

7) An ounce heavier

8) Requires its own covers (that is, existing color covers will not work)

9) The leather-like cover now has SONY embossed on it (finally!)

That’s all I’ve got off the top of my head, risking backstrain bent over a MacBook.

But this is perhaps the most important thing: A serious commitment from Sony to the Sony Reader. I mean, they are really, really serious. The two years of me screaming for them to Do Something seems to be coming to an end.

For those who have been waiting to buy an eBook reader: wait another month. That’s when the PRS-700 will be out. Leaving aside wireless, the new PRS-700 kicks the abominable Kindle’s ass.

Me, I’m crying inside because I had my heart set on Red — but now it looks like it will be Model T black. Well, maybe they’ll release a custom cover in red at some point!

I don’t even have a press kit! They’re doing this all e and I’ll get mine tomorrow in email.

I might have crapcam pictures. The crapcam really acted up, so I might not have anything. I’ll know tomorrow. I don’t want to risk sleep by checking the crapcam and then staying up all night cursing at it! One Sony rep took a few pics for me Just In case.

OK, more tomorrow!

— originally published last night at the WordPress blog

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