Live Sony Reader Video Embed Doesn’t Work!

Sony has a live video feed of the Dave Farrow 30-days-of-reading window over at DataVision here in New York City.

Static screen capture of Farrow stand-in. Click = big

There’s embed code. Which doesn’t work!

I tried it with WordPress via vodpod. I tried it with direct code paste into Blogger.

Both = FAIL!

That’s a shame, too. At one point I would have made it a sticky post at the top of this (the WordPress) blog.

While I’m giving Sony a headache here, I might as well pour it on.

There’s no promotion for this on the DataVision website main page:

Click = big

Nor is there any promotion in The Sony Store section of the site! But at least the Sony Reader gets a top-level spotlight:

Click = big

But at this point, I wonder if that’s just accidental!

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