Attention, Sony! Amazon Nails Kindle In One Line!

Over 200 Apress Titles Now Available on Kindle

This commitment from Apress moves us closer to our vision for Kindle, which is to make any book, ever printed, in any language available wirelessly in less than 60 seconds.

Emphasis added by me.

Maybe I haven’t been paying attention. Or maybe my visceral-aesthetic revulsion of the Kindle (mis)design has blinded me.

But that’s the first time I’ve seen the Kindle summed up like that.

And you, Sony?

“Our vision for the Sony Reader is …”

… a device open to more eBooks than any other?
… a device that can be used with public libraries?
… a device that gets its ass kicked by superior Kindle marketing?!

So far, it’s been the last one!

How about:

“Our vision for the Sony Reader is to be the most affordable, most open, and most …”

I leave others up to you. That’s why you people get your paychecks.

Now get to work!

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