WalMart Sells Sony Reader Online

A post over at MobileRead caught my eye:

BTW, sells the Sony reader at below MFSR. It’s been there for at least a month.

And it’s true:

Click = big

Sony E-Reader 6″ LCD Portable Dark Blue E-Book, PRS505LC

Sony E-Reader 6″ LCD Portable Silver E-Book, PRS505SC

Even more, it still has the offer for the 100 free classics (which, if I’m reading the PDF terms correctly, is now download 100 of your choice out of over 900 available at The Sony eBook Store). This is the PDF rebate link (Save As…).

I suggest the Silver. For some reason, the Dark Blue model is just too dark and tends to lower the contrast of the eInk. Strange, but that’s been my in-person observation.

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