Rumor: New Sony Reader + Mac OS Software?

Via bookbook blog (an Australian eBook blog that’s very interesting!) is a link to a mobileread forum comment that states:

I just came from sonystyle in NYC looking for the red model. No one had heard about the red model but a sales clerk informed that a new model is coming in November…..with wifi.

Well, isn’t that interesting as all hell!!!

This also now makes me believe a comment I saw earlier today at the UK Guardian Book Blog:

I have a Mac, and copying onto the reader is trivial. Plug a memory card into your computer, copy and paste, and plug the card into the Reader (this works on the 100 free books that come with the reader). Job done. Ok, it’s harder for bought ebooks, but that will be fixed shortly with a Mac version of Connect.

Emphasis added by me.

So we have a new Sony Reader coming with built-in WiFi as well as Mac-compatible eBook Library software?

Sony, if this is true, I love you!!!

One suggestion: Give me red!!!

For those coming new to Sony Reader developments:

1) A recent software update now allows it to use ePub files, a new standard eBook file format most book publishers have embraced

2) This software update allows books to be bought from any bookstore that sells ePub format eBooks (Adobe Digital Editions, which is free and which also runs on Mac OS, is required for DRM)

3) The software update also allows eBooks to be borrowed for free from public libraries that offer Adobe ePub-formatted eBooks

4) Sony just launched the Reader in the U.K.

A Sony Reader with WiFi and Mac OS eBook Library software = Amazon Kindle Killer!

— originally published September 4, 2008 at Mike Cane 2008

One Response to Rumor: New Sony Reader + Mac OS Software?

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Just got a Sony, already have a Kindle. My new Sony, purchased November 08, is NOT Mac compatible and does not have wifi. I buy and test things for a university department. If a model with wifi and Mac was coming soon, you would think it would have been out before Christmas. Wonder if it is coming soon or not?

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