Norman Spinrad

Norman Spinrad

He Walked Among Us – $8.99
Journals of the Plague Years – $2.85 – multi
Mexica – $7.99 – multi
The Druid King – $9.95 – Mobi
Vampire Junkies – $2.49 – multi

– no match –

The Druid King – $9.95

– no match –
– no match –

Microsoft Reader
Refers to Fictionwise, Powell’s, Diesel

The Druid King – $11.92 – .lit

– no ebooks –

Sony eBook Store
The Druid King – $8.96

Amazon Kindle
The Druid King – $7.96

Fictionwise’s listing for He Walked Among Us came up via a Microsoft referral! More suck, Fictionwise!

And since Fictionwise owns eReader, why does eReader have nothing?

Kindle doesn’t win this time.

Why isn’t there more Spinrad in e? Where’s Iron Dream, Agent of Chaos, and Bug Jack Barron to begin with?


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