Connie Willis

Connie Willis

– no match –

– no match –

– no match –

– no match –
– no match –

Microsoft Reader
– no match –

– no match –

– no match –

Sony eBook Store
– no match –

Amazon Kindle
– no match –

WTF?!!? Really? Nothing by Connie Willis is in e?! I’m going to have to take my copy of Bellwether and scan it to make my own ebook edition?


One Response to Connie Willis

  1. Anonymous says:

    When you do, I want a copy :-)

    I too have found that there are many authors that are not yet published with ebooks.

    Worse still, quite often when I do find them, and try to buy them, I am told that it is not available to someone from Australia – absurd!

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