Prologue: The eBook Test

The release of the iPhone 3G, the introduction of the App Store, and the coming release of several eBook reading programs have caused me to wonder if it’s finally time for me to go all-eBook.

Print books no longer appeal to me from a size and weight perspective. I’ve had to box up and move my books several times in my life and it’s not something I’m willing to do again. For books that are all-text, a weightless electronic edition makes more sense than one that’s printed on paper and weighs a pound or three.

I’ve compiled a big fat list of authors and books I need in e form. let’s see what’s available and at what price and from what place.

Some notes first:

1) I don’t care for PDF and will not list those

2) Expect everything to be DRMed

3) Sony and Kindle are each a single file format


4) eReader and MobiPocket are also single format


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